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​First Step

This is a four-week training program tailored for new ​and young believers or those who just want to reinforce their spiritual foundation. We all come into the faith having a lot of questions that ​require answers. These sessions are very interactive and provide the opportunity to ask questions and have clarity on the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

The first step classes focuses on laying the spiritual foundation upon which a believer can build a formidable and victorious Christian lifestyle.

Students who successfully complete the first step classes are offered the opportunity to partake in a baptism by immersion ceremony.

Our next set of First Step classes begin on July 15th, running for 4 weeks. These classes are held online and take place on a Sunday evening (at 7:45PM). If you would like to register for the next class, please complete your details below:

​You can learn more about our Step Up​ classes here.​​​