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-  Communicate & Influence Seminar 2017-

  Master The Undisputed Number 1 Skill For Success In Career, Wealth & Relationships

DATE: Saturday 23rd September 2017

LOCATION: Gateway Chapel, 10 Kennet Road, Erith DA1 4QN 

TIME: 10am - 1pm


Why Should You Attend This FREE Seminar...

How much richer would your life be if you were to experience that kind of connection with nearly everyone you met?

Better yet, let’s look at a scenario in which one person doesn’t have that kind of skill, but another one does: Imagine a chap named Bob at work. His phone rings. It’s the boss. “I’d like to see you in my office in five minutes. I want to discuss something with you.”

“That didn’t sound good,” Bob thinks. “I’ve been doing a good job. I wonder what this is about?”

As he walks into his boss’s office, he sees his boss and a co-worker named Brian, a guy who has been with the company for about six months. Bob’s familiar with him because up to now Brian has been reporting to him. They all acknowledge each other and sit down.

The boss says, “I’ve got some news, Bob. We’ve created a new position for Brian, and you will now be reporting to him.”

What a slap in the face! Bob has more experience than Brian. He has a better education and a stronger skill set, from a technical point of view. He can’t imagine how this could have happened.

Well let me tell you, things like that happen all the time in business.

How do you think all those people who never went to University became millionaires? Experience? Education?

Neither. What it comes down to is people skills. When you have a high level of it, you can:

  • Get preferential treatment, whether you’re traveling, working, socializing, or buying something.
  • Establish instant rapport with other people, even total strangers, and learn how to influence their attitude, emotions, and actions.
  • Deepen your rapport with your family and friends, and experience profound emotional fulfillment.
  • Correct the behavior of a co-worker, friend, or family member without causing resentment.
  • Deal with difficult or angry people (all you have to do is listen, then ask the right question).
  • Get yourself noticed, stand out from the crowd, and gain the success and respect that will make you the envy of others.

So you see, when you master communication, you are easily able to influence outcomes and achieve your objectives.

Meet Your Facilitators at Communicate & Influence Seminar 2017...

Ayodele Olusanya

DJ Sobanjo

Ayodele Olusanya joined Gateway Chapel in March 2003.

During the day, he is a Housing Professional, but when no one is looking, he rather focuses on fitness and a bit of writing.

Within Gateway Chapel, Ayodele heads the Service Directorate, which is made up of the following departments – Communication, Photography, Service Structure, Publication and Interest Groups.

Ayodele is married to Ayoola, and they have two girls.

DJ Sobanjo is a CIPD qualified Leadership & Management Development Specialist as well as a certified Digital Marketer.

He is driven by a divinely inspired mission to teach, train, inspire and motivate everyone who comes in touch with him to live more productive and effective lives.

He is a sought after speaker & trainer who delivers result-oriented programs in the areas of tactical people skills, leadership skills, sales and marketing skills and strategic personal and business growth.

He is also a Minister in Gateway Chapel in charge of Digital Marketing & the Pre-Teens.

He is married to Buki and they have two children.

Here's a Snapshot of Your Life Once You ​Attend Communicate & Influence 2017 ...

  • Imagine you walk into a room full of strangers and you can instantly tell which people are waiting to talk to you and what you should say to them to put
  • Imagine you walk into a room full of strangers and you can instantly tell which people are waiting to talk to you and what you should say to them to put them at their ease and make a great first impression. (In fact, you’ll know exactly what to say to start an effective conversation!)…
  • Imagine you’re a salesperson facing a group of difficult, closed-up customers. But you’re not worried because you know exactly how to find out what they’re really thinking – and then how to get them on your side…
  • Imagine you’ve gone to ask your boss for a pay raise or promotion. By reading his body language, you know whether or not he’s ready to say yes – and more important, you know how to feel out exactly how much you should ask for…
  • Imagine you’re a parent of teenage children and you need them to clean their rooms or help with chores. Fortunately, you now know how to get them to do what you want without all the arguments – simply by the way you tap into their thought processes…
  • Imagine you’re in an important meeting at work or with clients and you come away with a report for your boss to read. You know exactly how to persuade him to do that immediately, and make it look as if it was his decision…
  • Imagine you’re negotiating the deal of your life but your customers just won’t come to a decision. No problem, you’re still in control because you have six proven ways to get them to agree to the deal before you even think of using your final nuclear option…
  • Imagine you’re about to get a parking ticket, but since you know what to say to win the officer over, you don’t get one. Instead, the officer escorts you to a preferred parking place!
  • Imagine, in short, that you could ACHIEVE EVERYTHING YOU WANTED in life, with NO LIMIT TO YOUR SUCCESS except your willingness to strike up a conversation. That’s what the Communicate & Influence Seminar 2017 offers you. Guaranteed!


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DATE: Saturday 23rd September 2017

LOCATION: Gateway Chapel, 10 Kennet Road, Erith DA1 4QN 

TIME: 10am - 1pm

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