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About Me.....  And Why You Should Pay Attention

My name is Julie Templeton and I am a full-time online Entrepreneur with a successful Online Franchise Business.

(This time last year I was cleaning caravans
I live on the East Yorkshire Coast in the UK

This is one of my favorite pictures taken on the 6th February 2018, when I and a few other Online Franchise members travelled to Blackburn to be coached by the owner of MDCB Paul Lynch. I stayed over for 3 days and had a wonderful time with my fellow franchisees and Paul and his team. Such wonderful and friendly people to work alongside. Very caring and very open too!

I was lucky enough to be presented with a cheque from the company showing I had made $10,500 in just 6 weeks! I couldn't believe how quickly I had made those commissions, but now I know why! There is a demand for what we have and people are now seeing how easy this is when we work as a team! We have plenty of support from the owner and I also run the Co-op for Solo ads, which we have just started and showing great results.

So ask yourself...

Are you satisfied with your life right now?  

Do you like your job?  Are you earning the money you want and need?  Can you Travel Around The World anytime you want?

My Dot Com Business provides all the tools you need to start making money online today.   It’s time you finally enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you deserve. Life goes by way too fast...... so don't wait another minute!

Come Join Us In My Dot Com And Be On Stage Receiving Your Own Cheque Very Quickly!!

This picture is of the training events that Paul arranges free of charge for all franchisee Members. So much value given from these events. We were all quite sad to have to leave as we had such a fun, exciting and informative time! Just what we all needed! With the right people!.

Paul is very transparent about everything regarding the business, which makes him a special person! Not everyone is like that!

All he wants us to do is copy what he does and do it continuously.

Then we start to see results! 


I stumbled on Paul about 4 years ago when he was in MOBE and he has built everything up from there! I knew I couldn't follow him then as Mobe's products were far too expensive for me, so I ended going in and out of other businesses and failing on some and doing ok on others. So last September I told myelf "enough was enough". I have worked online 12 years! I have a ton of experience and I now wanted to recieve big ticket sales! I wasn't getting any younger and I still could not retire yet, which I wanted to with a passion! I helped a lot of people online and gave my services for free! Now was the time to change!

I now run a help group for anyone joining the business, so they know that i am there to keep them going and motivated and any problems with their website, autoresponder etc, I will help them with!

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